About Us


UNA-USA/Denver Metro Chapter is dedicated to informing, inspiring and mobilizing the Denver community to support the ideals and vital work of the United Nations.

  • Inform | Engage | Inspire (our tag line)
  • …dedicated to informing, inspiring and mobilizing the Denver community to support the ideals and vital work of the UN.
  • Advocating for UN in the Denver community.
  • Educating about UN in the Denver community.


  • Be an exemplar Denver volunteer run organization on the UN.
  • Set an example for Other UNA Chapters
  • Be the Go To organization in Denver to facilitate connecting into international experts regarding and/or relating to the UN.

Our Ethos


  • We are all equal.
  • All our opinions matter.
  • We embody the values of the UN.
  • Assume best intentions.


  • We drive change.
  • We do serious work.
  • We are Educators/Collaborators.


  • We are open in our communications.
  • We listen.
  • We empathize.


  • We do what we say.
  • We say what we do.
  • We are jointly responsible for the health of the Chapter.


  • We volunteer our time so let it be fun!
  • We don’t take ourselves seriously.

Board Members

  • Sanjay Rajan | President
  • Alexis Newton | Vice President
  • Jessica Murison | Secretary
  • OPEN | Treasurer
  • OPEN | Advocacy
  • Abe Kaul | Volunteers
  • Evans Mensah | Membership
  • Tina Lehman | Events/Outreach
  • OPEN | Development
  • Derya Senol | Communications
  • Adriana Lopez | Communications
  • Hardy Rawanduzy | Young Professional Circle

Advisory Circle

  • Ken Scott | Global Human Rights Lawyer
  • Eleanor Dwight | Past President UNA Northern Colorado
  • Will Sarni | Global Water Expert
  • Joe Horther | Integration Partnerships Coordinator, Colorado Refugee Services Program

Honorary Members Ex-Officio

  • Anne Elgerd | Past President & Adopt-A-Future Campaign Director
  • Ingrid Lantz | Past President
  • Jennifer Klein | Past President
  • Andrew Cornelius | Past President
  • Gloria Dogan | Past Administrative Director
  • Don Bossart | Past President
  • Timothy R. W. Kubik | Past President
  • Moyna Hudgens | Past President
  • Clara Lou Humphrey | Past President
  • Bruce Mackenzie | Past President
  • Akbarali Thobhani | Past President

Our priorities

Our board members Terms of Engagement

The following are expectations and commitments of UNA Denver board members. Please read them carefully and understand fully prior to applying for any board position.

Honoring Terms of Engagement & Accountability in Spirit of Volunteer Service

  • It is an honor and privilege to engage and be part of UNA Denver.

Board Members Commitments

  • I am inspired by the Mission, Vision, Ethos of the organization and shall be the Brand Ambassador for UNA in the Denver community.

  • I shall maintain active UNA membership during my board tenure.

  • I shall contribute $200 per year as part of Give & Get privilege of being part of the United Nations Association network. This amount is reduced to $100 for every Young Professional on the board.

  • I shall in Spirit of Service expend 10 minimally and 15 hours maximum per month aligned with my role & responsibilities to further the cause of UNA and expand its presence in the Denver community.

  • I shall make it a priority to attend all the board meetings of UNA Denver. I shall in maximum miss 2 board meetings per year.

  • I shall serve the board from January 2018 to December 2018. Upon board approval, I may be retained on the board for an additional two year term 2019-2020.

  • I am obligated to UNA Denver and am responsible to all board members. Only under extraordinary circumstances and after having explained my situation in person with the entire board and after being voted in majority, will I be relieved of my duties towards UNA Denver and the board.

  • If I am relieved of my duties as a board member and wish to contest the relief, I will be given an opportunity to explain the rationale and reasoning to remain on the board. Only after being voted in majority will I be allowed to continue on the board and sustain my obligations to UNA Denver and the board.

  • I shall vote in all motions including those involving all changes to board membership unless there is a conflict of interest wherein I shall abstain from the vote.

  • I shall vote Yay, Nay or Abstain in all board motions where I am present.

  • I shall accept the majority board motions as long as there is quorum of 7 members.

  • I shall strive to be flexible in my interactions and communications with all board members.