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Continued U.S. funding is essential to a number of UN activities that promote core U.S. foreign policy interests.

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Washington, D.C. — November 23, 2016
United Nations Foundation President & CEO Kathy Calvin today issued the following statement on the nomination of Governor Nikki Haley for U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations:

“The United Nations Foundation congratulates Governor Nikki Haley on her nomination to be U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. From William Scranton to Adlai Stevenson, there is a long history of former governors serving as U.S. Ambassador to the UN, proving that strong international cooperation and diplomacy help advance U.S. interests at home and abroad.
If confirmed, Nikki Haley will begin her post just as António Guterres becomes the new UN Secretary-General. Both leaders have strong executive management experience to draw on to ensure a dynamic U.S.-UN partnership so that the world is equipped for the challenges of the 21st Century.
Nikki Haley would also start at a time when bipartisan leadership has ensured that the U.S. is fully meeting its financial obligations to the UN, bolstering America’s ability to influence the international agenda. The U.S. remains integral to a strong UN, and our status as a permanent member of the Security Council and host of UN headquarters reflects the central importance of a U.S.-UN relationship.
An effective UN is good for America, helping to promote our shared values, national interests, and global security.”

We are a movement of Americans committed to helping the UN help the world by elevating the UN’s mission in our communities and advocating for the UN on Capitol Hill. UNA members play a critical role in supporting US leadership on global issues, such as support for refugees, gender equality, LGBT rights, and action on climate change.

Chris Whatley

Executive Director, UNA-USA

As the transition to the next Administration and Congress proceeds, there is an opportunity to demonstrate that a stronger, more efficient and effective United Nations can serve the US national interest…This past year, the adoption of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development demonstrates how the UN can establish the architecture that enables member states to address the symptoms that underlie conflict and breed non-state terrorism. The Global Goals envision a strong partnership with the private sector and strengthening the rule of law, fully consistent with the statements of the Republican Party’s Platform on development assistance. And while it will require openness to science and natural evidence, the Paris Climate Change Agreement has also enabled States to work collaboratively with the private sector to reduce the threats to the planet.

Ambassador Donald T. Bliss (Retired)

President, United Nations Association of the National Capital Area

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3 Principles of Equality:

CEDAW stresses the importance of the equality of opportunity as well as equality of outcome. Principle of Non-Discrimination.

CEDAW emphasizes that discrimination is socially constructed and calls for states to recognize and remedy discriminatory practices. Principle of State Obligation.

CEDAW requires states who have adopted CEDAW to actively eliminate discrimination against women and achieve gender equality.